Community Engagement competition winners

Two Simon Fraser University students have scored high with their idea to develop an elite training program encouraging young innovators—from high school to grad school—to solve health technology challenges.

SFU Surrey—Central City Community Engagement competition

Sujoy Ghosh Hajra(on the right) and Careesa(on the left)

Sujoy Ghosh Hajra and Careesa Liu pitched their Surrey Collaborative Outreach and Research Experience (SCORE) at the inaugural SFU Surrey—Central City Community Engagement competition—and received $5,000 from Central City’s property management company, Blackwood Partners, to help implement their idea.

The competition will be held annually from 2014-2018 to encourage community/student engagement through innovation.

SFU-Central City Community Engagement contest

This page is abbreviated from SFU report:SFU-Central City inaugural contest promotes innovation that engages communities