2019 Brain vital signs detect concussion-related neurophysiological impairments in ice hockey

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2018 Accessing knowledge of the 'here and now': A new technique for capturing electromagnetic markers of orientation processing

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2018 Acupuncture therapy in treating migraine: results of a magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging study​

Tao GuLei LinYun JiangJuan ChenRyan CN D’ArcyMin ChenXiaowei Song

2018 Multimodal characterization of the semantic N400 response within a rapid evaluation brain vital sign framework​

Sujoy Ghosh Hajra, Careesa C. Liu, Xiaowei Song, Shaun D. Fickling, Teresa P. L. Cheung and Ryan C. N. D’Arcy

2018 Functional MRI technologies in the study of medication treatment effect on Alzheimer's disease

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2017 Automation of CT-based haemorrhagic stroke assessment for improved clinical outcomes: study protocol and design

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2017 Spontaneous Blinks Activate the Precuneus: Characterizing Blink-Related Oscillations Using Magnetoencephalography

Careesa C. LiuSujoy Ghosh HajraTeresa P. L. CheungXiaowei Song and Ryan C. N. D'Arcy

2016 Waist circumference is correlated with poorer cognition in elderly type 2 diabetes women
Rebecca K. West · Ramit Ravona-Springer · Anthony Heymann · James Schmeidler · Derek Leroith · Keren Koifman ·
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