Neurotech Lab Equipment

Cortech Solutions g.Nautilus 8, g.LADYbird system

     g.Nautilus is g.tec’s new wireless biosignal acquisition system. Its design is completely different from all other devices and it sets a new standard of usability.

Brain Vision actiCAP 64 Channel with BrainAmp MR PLUS

actiCAP* - Electrode Cap with active electrodes

It combines active electrodes based on high-quality Ag/AgCl sensors with a new type of integrated noise subtraction circuits delivering even lower noise levels than any other “normal” active electrode achieves.

ENOBIO8 headband portable

Enobio® is a wearable, wireless electrophysiology sensor system for the recording of EEG. Using the superb Neuroelectrics Cap, Enobio 8 is ideal for out-of-the-lab applications.

Halifax Consciousness Scanner (HCS) portable

Mindful Scientific has developed a proprietary solution and technology platform, the Halifax Consciousness Scanner, to objectively assess a person’s level of conscious awareness that will solve significant issues in the diagnosis and management of concussion and other neurocognitive problems including major brain injury. 

Magstim BiStim2

The BiStim² combines two 200² units through a connecting module, so that paired pulses can be delivered through one coil. This allows the user to deliver precise sub- and supra-threshold conditioning and test pulses.

MagPro X100

The MagPro X100 is an advanced, high performance magnetic stimulator designed primarily for research purposes.

The MagPro X100 is a high quality tool for researchers with a large choice of stimulating parameters.

Brainsight TMS Navigation

Brainsight TMS is a revolutionary product used in over 500 laboratories worldwide. It enables a TMS coil to be positioned over a specified target location based upon an individual’s MRI image, MRI generated 3D curvilinear reconstruction of the brain or MNI average head model brain.

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