SFU PhD student awarded Wendy McDonald “Women to Watch” Diversity Award (June 21, 2018)

The Wendy McDonald Diversity Awards, hosted by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Women’s Leadership Circle, celebrates gender and diversity in leadership. This year, an SFU engineering PhD student has won in the “Women to Watch” category.

     Careesa Liu, a biomedical engineer and co-founder of the Surrey Collaborative Outreach and Research Experience (SCORE), is the 2018 recipient. She has earned the award for her research in brainwave-based technologies to assess brain function, as well as for her leadership in a healthcare training program for youth.

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SMH Foundation News: Brain research at Surrey’s Neuro Tech Lab (March 18, 2018)

“It is increasingly recognized that late-life dementia can result from brain health decline. The brain is complex; high-level functions such as memory and thinking rely on important parts of the brain working together,” says Dr. Song.

“My research has led to a new method, called Brain Atrophy and Lesion Index (BALI) to allow us to sum up many changes and track brain aging in a holistic manner.” read more

Opinion: BC is fast becoming neuroscience center of excellence for Canada (Vancouver Sun, August 24, 2017)

It’s easy to argue that our brains are our most important resource. One in three Canadians will have to deal with a brain, nervous-system or spinal-cord disorder in their lifetime, according to the Canadian Association for Neuroscience. … read more


 Surrey Memorial begins brain stimulation trial for youth suffering from addiction (CBC NEWS, May 25, 2017)

A clinical trial for a type of brain stimulation therapy is underway at Surrey Memorial Hospital, and one expert says it can help youth suffering from addiction and depression, when all other options have failed. … read more

Tribal warfare’ hurts med-tech sector: hub founder (Business Vancouver Jan 17, 2017)

Surrey’s Health and Technology District within Innovation Boulevard continues to attract unique medical device companies, but industry insiders say the overall community needs to change its culture to stay globally competitive.

 Over the past six months, as many as 20 separate medical technology companies have set up spaces within Innovation Boulevard, intensifying competition for federal grants. Neuroscientist Ryan D’Arcy, who co-founded Innovation Boulevard, said one of the main hurdles for medical technology startups remains getting enough money to turn a good idea into a profitable business. … read more


 Trudeau announces $126 million SFU Surrey tech expansion – peacearchnews.com (Nov 08, 2016)

A new $126-million sustainable technology and engineering building is coming to Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a $90-million investment by federal and provincial governments into expanding SFU’s technology program, to be combined with another $36 million of funding and land donations from the university and its donors….read more

Canada’s SCORE Program Wins International Gold in Oslo, Norway –  Yahoo!Finance (Sept 22, 2016)

Innovative student training partnership between Simon Fraser University, City of Surrey & HealthTech Connex wins International 2016 Global Best Award for STEM … read more

Surrey health-tech hub poised to step onto world stage – Business Vancouver  (Sept 14, 2016)

In describing Innovation Boulevard, Surrey’s multimillion-dollar, multi-building, multi-pronged health-care technology hub, neuroscientist Ryan D’Arcy dives into a subset of scientific research. Almost five years into the ambitious project, he likens it to an organic entity now growing on its own.  …. read more

Your Regular Doctors’ Checkup Could Soon Include a Scan of Your Brain Waves – Motherboard.Vice.com (June 02, 2016)

A neuroscientist in Surrey, BC, says he’s figured out a way to measure and track the human brain’s “vital signs”—patterns in brain waves that could one day become a crucial marker of health and disease, just like blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature, he believes.  ….read more

SFU neuroscientists revolutionize the way brain health is measured – Global News (June 02, 2016)

Thu, Jun 2: A team of neuroscientists from Simon Fraser University are revolutionizing the way we measure brain health. They’ve discovered a way to extract brain vital signs to help better monitor the health of your brain. And they’re hoping their test will become as routine as checking your blood pressure.  — Watching the video here

How technology is helping Afghan veteran Trevor Greene defy odds to walk again  – By Robin Gill Global News (November 11, 2015)

NANAIMO, B.C. — Trevor Greene, once an elite athlete, is determined to leave behind his wheelchair.

“I’m psyched about the future… when I will be walking eventually and running and surfing and rock climbing,” he says.

In March 2006, Greene was an army reservist captain serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan.….read more


Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner says innovation will take city into the future

 Hepner also uses first State of the City Address to talk crime – ‘the elephant in the room’

By Brian Morton, Vancouver Sun, and Amy Reid, Surrey Now May 21, 2015…. read more

Surrey to benefit from world-class medical equipment (May 20, 2015)

WHALLEY — Surrey’s Innovation Boulevard will be home to a world-class medical imaging lab that’s designed to advance brain research as well as provide diagnostics and treatment monitoring in mental health, neurology and help patients with addictions.  … read more

Funding for new brain research technology in Surrey(May 19, 2015)

State-of-the-art imaging equipment comes to Innovation Boulevard … read more

Government of Canada Supports Healthcare Innovation with Establishment of World-Class Research Facility

 May 19, 2015 – Surrey, British Columbia – Western Economic Diversification Canada … read more

Commercialization a top priority for Surrey health-tech hub (April 21, 2015 Business Vancouver)

To an outsider, Yifan Jian’s passion project looks like a mechanical slab sprouting wires, lenses and lasers. A computer monitor hooked up to the apparatus hints there’s something more going on than a shot-in-the-dark lab experiment.

Jian, a research scientist with Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Biomedical Optics Research Group (BORG), describes his device as an ultrasound for the eye that uses non-invasive techniques to tell doctors what’s going on behind a patient’s gaze.… read more

 Health Tech Innovation Hub launched in Surrey (April 09, 2015)

SURREY — From surgical training apps to airbags for wheelchairs, the Health Tech Innovation Hub lived up to its name during the official launch on Friday.

CEO and former mayor Dianne Watts cut the ribbon to officially open the hub, situated across from Surrey Memorial Hospital, making it the latest venture to join Innovation Boulevard. …read more

Surrey’s Hepner signs agreement with Israeli city

SURREY AND ISRAEL — Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner signed a “partners in innovation” agreement with the Israeli city of Beer-Sheva during a 10-day trip overseas recently but she’s not yet revealing what precisely this will mean for Surrey. – See more at: http://www.thenownewspaper.com/news/surrey-s-hepner-signs-agreement-with-israeli-city-1.1798428

Profile of Ryan D’Arcy, co-chairman, Innovation Boulevard
– Neuroscientist helps gather top health research minds

The human brain is sometimes likened to a city – a similarly dynamic entity whose internal functions and interactions are immensely complex and whose outcomes are often staggeringly difficult to predict.(from Business Vancouver)…read more

2014-15 Fraser Health Strategic Priorities Grant competition Winners

Dr. Xiaowei Song and and the team won the 2014-15 Fraser Health Strategic Priorities Grant competition to conduct the research project investigating “Brain Health, Physical Health, and the Risk of Dementia”. The study will take place at Surrey Memorial Hospital, chiefly inside the ImageTech and NeuroTech Labs (FHA Health Science and Innovation).

Health Tech Innovation Foundation

INNOVATION Boulevard, located in Surrey’s City Centre, on Thursday announced the launch of the “Health Tech Innovation Foundation” which will oversee the “InnovationHub” at City Center 1 (see photo) located across form Surrey Memorial Hospital.  ….read more

Community Engagement Competition Winners

 Two Simon Fraser University students have scored high with their idea to develop an elite training program encouraging young innovators—from high school to grad school—to solve health technology challenges … read more

Innovation Boulevard Spurs Health Research

Universities, Fraser Health, and the private sector are collaborating to turn Surrey City Centre into a globally recognized high-tech cluster … read more

Innovator Profile

Sujoy Ghosh Hajra | CTO | NeuroTech Lab @ Surrey Memorial Hospital
I am the CTO of the NeuroTech Lab at Surrey Memorial Hospital and …read more

SFU research integrates with community to help drive Innovation Boulevard (SFU news – Oct 23, 2014)

Health technology research at Simon Fraser University—from concussion and skin cancer analysis to preventing falls and treating spinal injuries—is streaming from the campus into the community as part of SFU’s contribution to Surrey’s Innovation Boulevard initiative.
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